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How to Win Child Custody
By The Custody Coach™
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CustodySolutions is dedicated to helping parents and families find the information and resources they need to become educated, informed, and remain in control of their 730 custody evaluation, divorce or child custody case. We believe information is power and wish to provide the best possible resources to parents faced with the financial and emotional challenges and stress often associated with a custody evaluation, divorce or child custody case. The below resources are provide as a convenience to our visitors.

Child Custody Coach™

Child Custody Coach™ provides one-on-one Telephone Coaching and In-Person Coaching services to help parents with their divorce, child custody evaluation, and/or child custody related matter. You can schedule an appointment to discuss your specific child custody situation and circumstance with The Custody Coach™. For information about Child Custody Coach's coaching services or to schedule an appointment click here.

How to Win Child Custody E-Book

How to Win Child Custody - Proven Strategies that can Win You Custody and Save You Thousands in Attorney Costs! can help you overcome the learning curve that can cost you a fortune and even your children! This breakthrough strategy guide written by The Custody Coach™ has undergone years of testing with actual custody cases producing amazing results! How to Win Child Custody can help you enhance your custody case and increase your chance at a winning custody result! Available as an immediate download for only $49.95! It is usable in all 50 States! For more information, testimonials, professional reviews, and to order now click here.

Custody Match - Divorce Lawyer Search

Finding the right family law attorney can be a time consuming and stressful task. Traditionally, consumers found attorneys through word-of-mouth referrals, yellow page ads, directory listings, and bar referral services. Custody Match provides an online family law attorney matching service that helps consumers faced with divorce and child custody issues today find the right attorney in their area. To present your case to family lawyers in your area you choose click here.

If you are seeking custody you cannot afford to be uninformed. Education can save you thousands in legal costs while enhancing your child custody case and increasing your chances at a winning custody arrangement!


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"I've spent tens of thousands on attorneys but Steven Carlson 'The Custody Coach' is the best money I have spent since my divorce began. The knowledge and insight he has is priceless. The advice and direction he gave me was invaluable."
~ Dennis Hearne, Oak Hills, CA